OW (29-5-1945 / Hobart Tasmania)

What Art Means To Me

What Art Means to Me
Art to me is spiritual,
Art to me is religious,
Art is 99% imagination,1% talent?
My art is berried somewhere deep in my subconscious,
It lives between black and white,
A spiritual being takes over and creates the unattainable, the impossible,
My art is a fusion of visions and dreams,
Madness and sanity become an electrifying abstract,
Colors’ dancing through the mind creates spectacular images both in paint and word,
Frustration goes with exerlants and in the pursuit of perfection,
Your inner self strives to be released to conquer your inhibitions,
Art to me is my culture,
Its fulfillment and complete satisfaction,
Patience is acquired and tranquility is there to be found,
You can find the past and deal with the future with the stroke of a brush,
Art is a hidden talent that needs to be bought to the surface,
Some need to prospect and dig, to find it,
While to others it's like having dinner, it's just natural,
Me I have to search deep into my sole and become what I paint,
I pray for help and give thanks for the day’s efforts,
This is when my spirit guide and I become one and the same.


by Osceola Waters

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