What Beauties?

Though I lament the passing years, what treasures have I left?
What vivid verse to soothe the fears of those who feel bereft?
For life's not sweet to all Mankind! Some feast while others starve!
And there are those whose souls are blind who seek no higher path!
What beauties and what dainty treats have I been privy to?
And what was told of noble feats that only angels knew?
What has God granted to these ears that others should be told?
Though I lament the passing years, at least God gave me gold!
I do not mean the kind that shines and sparkles like the sun!
I speak of wisdom that refines the soul in everyone...
I speak of light beyond this Earth, beyond the sun and stars!
I speak of truth that shows its worth, that cannot fade or pass!
This treasure fills the empty heart with faith that overflows!
This measure given can impart true beauty, like the rose!
This blessing surges like a storm to help you rise on high!
It cannot harm, deface, deform, disgrace or make you sigh!
It's like God's Spirit floated down from Heaven's Throne of Grace!
It's like He put a holy crown upon a human face!
It's like He said, 'I love you, child! Forgiveness, now, is yours! '
It's like all sin is reconciled and peace has stopped all wars!
This vision I extend today... and each new tomorrow...
By faith, what beauties come your way, overcome life's sorrow!
Yet not just yours, but others, too! Let God unfold His plan!
Each has a duty left to do: to help one's fellow man!
I once sought beauty just like wealth and only thought of me...
Then came the vision: Christ Himself was crowned... for Calvary!
If God's own Son must face His Fate, then we must claim our own...
Else none of us can celebrate what beauties can be known...
What angel hates the wings he bears? What angel hates to fly?
Yet wings help him ascend with prayers, for even poets cry...
Would that I could depart this realm, transported by Christ's love!
Though I am rooted like the elm, what beauties wait above!

by Denis Martindale

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