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What Better Gift
(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

What Better Gift

Best wishes.
Hoping you well with enough joy,
To spread for each day you are able!

It should not be only on holidays,
We come together
Full of cheer and anticipation...
To celebrate and make amends!
These connected days that tie into seasons,
Should overflow from stored up hope and love!
Had I thought of a gift?
To exchange in merriment?
Have I selected slots of limited time
Thinking of ways to stretch pennies, nickles
And dimes?
There's not a month that goes by
That I find doing that has become tradition!

I wonder if God wants me to shop at Saks'?
Or Macy's, Sears or stores that sell back packs!
I-Pods with speakers the size to fill in ears,
Tuning out everything human that's near.
Programmed for music, TV, games and telephone!
Making interaction more interacted alone.

It should not only be on holidays,
We come together!
We should be sending out those lifelines daily!
But how can that be done?
When in these days of progress made...
Electronics seems to be the way
People of today come together in groups,
To have a one-on-one for fun...
And goodwill.
For whoever is overwhelmed with gladness...
Observing in ecstatic saddness!
The days of playing charades with friends and family,
My never return!

And it should not be only on holidays,
We come together to tease with happiness!
It would be nice if this was done more than once,
Or twice!
And then left to moan throughout the year
About how something purchased for someone,
Was not needed!
Or the effort made to get it to them was not appreciated
At all...
As much as it was expected!
And there is no indication
Of a 'spiritual' enlightenment shared!

Best wishes.
Hoping you well with enough joy,
For each day you are able to feel
And express it!
What better gift of hope is there? !

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