BM (26-03-45 / Salford, England)

What Brought Us Too This Day

That we were brought to this day by Love
Is beyond all reasonable doubt
It’s written in their faces
These two who’s joining we celebrate.
In much the same way
were they not made by
another generation’s love
which in turn goes folding back through
our memories and histories.
Yet, in their own unique way
these two renew and relay
all the love gone before them.
Once more through them, love’s beacon
shines the brighter on this day.
In so much as they were two
And now become one, so we
who wrought and brought them
to this place are also changed.
Because through these two
our love, is renewed once more.
And will light the future

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Comments (2)

Dear Bill I think that there is much in this...A love expressed.Always important from any angle. A worth while write Thankyou! Love Duncan
'Folding back through our memories and histories': delightful expression. Whole poem uplifting celebration of solid family love. Just wish this could be everyone's experience. Regards.