What Can I Say?

Birthday are one of those times........
When you by a card hoping that it rhymes.
It expresses those things in your mind and heart.
Particularly meaningful when two people are a part.
So verses go on and on..........
So much that when you read them, you're glad you're alone
It's difficult knowing just what to say
Thinking......how whould it sound if I put itthis way?
What I know.......and this you cannot miss....
Having two kids now......., is heavenly bliss.
We've missed a lot you and I...
Should I apoligize, or even try?
I can say this though, when I first heard of you.
I had visions and questions like, 'what'll I do'
Make no mistake, we'll figure it out....
So much so we'll both want to shout.
Very soon we'll meet shake hands hug and talk.
Hell it's possible we'll even have the same walk.
So without sounding'sappy, silly or in dismay.
It comes down to this Richard 'HAPPY BIRTHDAY! !

by Richard Lane

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