What Color Is Jealousy

What color is jealousy, if you know, please tell me,
so I can throw that color away you see,
is it black? I really doubt it,
black's the color of death and the unknown,
if it is red, tell me about it,
red is the color of blood and anger, when it's shown,
is it green? most would deny it,
green is envy, avarice and greed, please don't try it,
is it pink? no it isn't, I don't think,
Pink is the color of a blush, and a baby girl,
is it blue? ask me why,
it's the color of a boy and a cloudless sky,
is it white? thats the color of purity,
is it brown? , no thats a frown,
is it orange, is it yellow,
is it purple, thats not mellow,
it has me confounded so,
if you think that you know,
then share your thoughts with me,
just dont share your jealousy,
I think I have finally found,
it's a bit of every color around,
take some purple, add some orange, take some brown
take a bit of black, add some red, add some blue,
add some green, add some pink, then add some yellow too,
it would be a glob of sludge,
like jealousy is a great big grudge
I didn't add the white, I hope thats all right,
though this poem doesn't rhyme,
poems don't always, all the time.

written by Harry Bryant
7/20/02 1: 43: 28 �
all rights reserved

by Harry Bryant

Comments (2)

Thought provoking poem. My answer: jealousy is colorless transparent as the emptiness inside the soul of those who yield to its temptation.
colorful...nicely done