MH (1950 / Ohio)

. What Color Is Love?

From practical perspective
Love may be viewed as colorless
When romantically reflective
Color spectrum Love does possess

To couples just discovering it’s laurels
Love is yellow like the sun shining bright
To lovers who have engaged in quarrels
Love is deep blue like a sky late at night

In eyes of lovers enjoying honeymoon precursories
Love appears red as hearts gracing valentines
To lovers working together to overcome life’s adversities
Love holds evergreen hues like cypress and pines
For lovers celebrating wedding anniversaries
Love glows gold in rings where diamond luster shines

Love can be soft and swirling
As on paisley patterned gowns
Or calliope colors twirling
Like parades entering towns

Love’s colors can sometimes be muted
Like the softness of gray skies
Love’s vibrancy briefly diluted
Whenever a loved one dies

Where there isn’t quite enough Love
Life is pencil lines decidedly frail
Where there is total lack of Love
Life may appear as colorless and pale

Where Love is most plenteous
Life appears to be increasingly colorful
And when shared between lovers like us
Love reveals the colors, which are most beautiful

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Comments (11)

This is amazing :)
A wonderful description of love. Regards Ron
Mary i will give this the ultimate compliment, as i am adding to my very short list of all time favorites. thank you.~beau
Again, an exquisite rainbow from your magnificent palette! A remarkable 10.....
truly brilliant your poem is a spectral joy of colors
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