. What Color Is Love?

From practical perspective
Love may be viewed as colorless
When romantically reflective
Color spectrum Love does possess

by Mary Havran Click to read full poem

Comments (11)

This is amazing :)
A wonderful description of love. Regards Ron
Mary i will give this the ultimate compliment, as i am adding to my very short list of all time favorites. thank you.~beau
Again, an exquisite rainbow from your magnificent palette! A remarkable 10.....
truly brilliant your poem is a spectral joy of colors
what a lovely poem. the title itself caught attention, and while reading it, i felt how beautifully you have captured the different shades of love and how colourless oiur life will be without love. mamta
Mary, Keen insight into the various hues of Love. Well done.
The last three verses are spectacular. Greeney
Like a rainbow, love beseech with multi-colors! A 10.
Simile, metaphor, parallels all drawn and impecably employed in architecting this fine pictorial work, grandeur, Mary...Sterling craftsmanship, or should i say, in maintaining a decorum of political correctness: sterling'craftwomanship'', (being this is an election year) ...so i've heard. ~ FjR ~ ..2008..
beautiful poem, thanks for sharing.