What Comes After

After rain comes sunshine,
the rays of hope appear.
The chains of misery have all gone
and cleared the road of fear
After the fever has left your body,
there comes the healing balm.
To sooth away the stress,
and keep your temperature calm.
After the calm, what comes next.
There maybe be quarrels, torment,
seperation and unrest.
After a dreary search,
You may just find the prize.
The foolish years are behind you,
and the one's ahead are wise.
After the leaves have fallen,
the buds all form again.
Your dreary life has ended
and relived of all it's pain.
After lives joys and sorrows
become an interlude apart.
It's now time to gather strength,
and make a fresh start.

by sylvia spencer

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tempreture - typo error! I do that as well sometimes. Gather strenght and make a fresh one that is what the plants do, nice one