TH (1984/12/07 / Fargo)

What Comes In Time

My dream isn't out here.... There is no one place to start thinking that you know everything. I loved living in a small world thinking that everything outside of it was so much better..
Running down a gravel road doing 100mph laughing at the thought that I could die... Getting drunk and wasting Time..
Life can hit you hard and stop in the blink of an eye. Paused, sitting.thinking what else is there in life... moments that seem like they don't matter but in fact
Change the rest of your life.
I left a place that didn't matter to me, with people I thought, didn't care.
I am looking back on that life and seeing things that weren't there.
I set half way around the world wishing I could party there.
I set in a chair cross legged scratching my hair.
I want a small town life, with good friends and a fridge full of beer.
I want to spend my summers at the lakes, fishing. Listening to country music.
I am coming home to farm find a wife, live content with the fact that all I need
Is what Is there.....
My dream isn’t here.

by Terry halvorson

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You need to read my poem 'Treasure'. And you need to go home. Every day there is a day of misery. This is the only life you're ever going to live. Why live it as such. Better to die a poor happy man than a rich miserable old fool. Your poem was wonderful. That's why I responded as I did. GW62