What Comes Next

Hello my friend, did you miss me.
Once again we're on the hunt.
Searching for that someone.
That everything that brings comfort to our hearts.
We're so much a like, that we could never be anything more then good friends.
I fear our fights would be horrible, because the flaws that bother us the most, are but our own.
And I can tell you I would much perfer not going it alone.
But sometimes there isn't choice.
Following that deep voice.
Feeling like your nothing more then aT ghost.
A empty vessel carrying nothing but feint memories, and stories that have been collecting dust for the ages.
I do not desire the spot light, I do not desire what with most men drives.
An ego that feeds on it's self.
A disgusting rat eating it's own tail.
Going in these vicious, and pointless circles will not help.
A back and forth rap a tat tat.
The final beating of this drum.
A humming of some old forgotten tune.
This time it's different, this time I know what I want, I know what will work.
This time the clock stops and it's time to unwind.
Becoming a distant background in a painting so full of life.
From the birds, to the trees, to the sun setting, to the smells in the air.
The fog has lifted, and I am no longer scared.
This is who I am, not a boy but a man.
Ready for whatever comes next.

by Ace Of Black Hearts

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