What Defines Life?

She smiled. "Today is the first day of the rest
of your life."

"I am aware of that", he said. "What is your point? "

"Just curious. How do you envision your life? "

"Well, quite similarly to the dictionary, which defines
it as capacity for growth, or the period between
birth and death."

She smiled again. "I am asking you about your plans and

"Oh", he said, and moved his chair a bit closer to hers.
"I hope that one day I will be very rich and famous. But
how about you? What are your own goals and plans? "

"Well, I see things in a different light", said she.
"My dreams follow what in my opinion really defines
life. So, accordingly, neither money, nor fame are
the central goals of my existence. What I want most
is to spend my years in giving love and being loved.
Life enfolds as a difficult journey, hard but joyous,
exciting and mystical. And I believe that it cannot
be meaningful without the experience of love."

by Paul Hartal

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How about the experience of Divine Love and would that have any more meaning or even be possible at all?