What Did I Tell?

I have a great friend Rachel
Rachel had a surprise
I swore not to tell a soul
When she swore she touched the sky

I told my mom and dad
I told my sisters too
I told every friend I have
I told my neighbors too
I told my coach
I told the cashier at Wal-mart
I even told my friends folks
I told the birds at the park
I told my moms boss
I told all my teachers
I told my cousin Rox
I even told my preacher
I told all my family
I told my boyfriend
I told my Granny
I even told my friends friends
I even told my dog
I told my Gerbil too
I told my brothers frog
I even told you

But what did I tell?
Its not that hard to find
About my friend Rachel
I told EVERYONE she lied.

by Sugar Bear

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Beautiful good confession. Loved your write.