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What Did You Do In Heaven To Get Kicked Out?
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What Did You Do In Heaven To Get Kicked Out?

Poem By Raj Dronamraju

I'll call you king litter, you foul your surroundings
You sleep among the refuse you've created
Give rise to an ever spreading mess

I'll call you a senseless rebel
Who goes against things that are good for you
And does the opposite just because it is the opposite
Stopped brushing your teeth because brushing your teeth is what everyone else does

I wish you could have understood the nature of paradise as reward
Rather than paradise as just another windmill to curse at
Being against it just because it is your present environment

The hypocrites of heaven allow no questioning of their order
Your questions smear the glass with grimy fingerprints
They stain the lie of divinity
In dirt, we find the honesty of mankind

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Truly brilliant, this one's going straight onto my list!