What Did You Think?

You are going to have much more.
Much, much, much, much more...
To concern yourself about very soon.
Than to try to find a playmate
To fantasize your superiority wishes,
And caviar dreams.
Selecting schemes and deceit,
To feed your ego
Comes to a screeching halt!
IF you can afford to do that...
When the price you now pay for gas,
Rises higher than any pretentiousness
You could invent.
And the time you have spent boring me,
Is not going to move me an inch
Away from my integrity.
While you are focused on teaching me a lesson...
Your whole quality of life and values,
Crumbles before all eyes!
And those are not my wishes.
I have been pointing that out to you for years.
What did you think?
I wanted to distract you?
You have done that on your own!

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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