What Do I Do About The Pain

Poem By Alfred Ramos

The back of my brain
Feels like it’s been hit by a runaway train
What do I do about the pain?
It’s driving me insane
My heart is bleeding like a hurricane
Chills down my spine like a winter rain
What do I do about the pain?
When there’s nothing left to gain
My cried out eyes can’t hide the strain
The sobbing is but a sad refrain
What do I do about the pain?
When it does no good to complain
Unwanted love leaves a stain
What’s left is a life so mundane
Who can help me with the pain?
Who will have the answers that explain?
That solitude is the only fact that will remain
I’m not looking for someone to blame
But I’m too young to be losing at this game
Do I have a heart too hard to tame
As I lie awake all night calling your name

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