What Do I Know?

Why is it..............
Just when you think you have the world at your fingertips
And all your dreams are about to be realized.............
Someone pulls the rug out from under you?

Why is it..............
When something seems just too good to be true
But you think maybe it could be true afterall.................
Someone takes a pin and bursts your balloon?

Why is it...............
After all the hard work, trial and error
And all the pieces are just about to fit together
Someone messes up your puzzle?

Is it the law of averages?
Is it a cruel game of chance?
Is it payback for past karma?
Is it a wakeup call?

I swear.................
No matter how old I get or how wise I become
The one thing I know is that I don't know anything...............
And that's a fact!

by Linda Ori

Comments (8)

Linda, I heard story of a devotee who sought enlightenment. Each time he knocked at the guru's door he was sent away. Finally he asked - master why cannot you give me the truth I seek with such passion? The wise man answered you come to me with your cup full - there is no room for the knowledge you seek. Only when your cup is empty can I offer you the truth. I think you poem says a lot about emptiness and truth. And it's fun and soooo recognizable to boot. love, Allie xxxx
These words prove you know a lot about life understanding and writing.
Nice little logical twist at the end Linda. If that bit wasn't true then you might actually know a lot. I think you do. And you're right that this is a common scenario. I know it all too well. A fine bunch of issues and questions and structured very readably indeed. So, I think this little job went just right for you! ! Fine writing and thinking as always. jim xx
Linda....I gave up trying to figure it all out....now I just shake my head back and forth or up and down to signal my true feelings. You made me laugh with this one because I swear to you it all is too good to be true.
I agree with this. Your poem is put together well. Sincerely, Connie Webb
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