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What Do I Mean By 'Believe'

What Do I Mean By 'Believe'

Poem By Vijaiya Ramkissoon

Walking to your destination, seeing your goal to achieve,
This is what is meant by saying to “believe”.
It’s knowing that you’ll reach, despite the journey’s length,
And continuing to grow step by step, in inner strength.

To believe is to see the sun through the rainiest day,
And sighting stars, despite darkness that comes your way.
It’s picking up yourself whenever you make a fall,
And knowing that’ll you’ll get through it all.

To believe is to know that dreams do come true,
It’s embracing all and giving your best in all that you do.
Hold you head high and continue toward your goal,
Believe in yourself; never let your faith grow old.

Continue to believe although many obstacles you may face,
Have faith; lose yourself in God’s warm embrace.
The challenges you encounter, you must accept and overcome,
Keep trudging uphill, though you may be discouraged by some.

Keep your dreams alive; never allow them to die,
Believe in yourself, you won’t fail, unless you cease to try.
Never lose hope and never live in fear,
Believe in yourself, with you, God’s always there.

Bless! !

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