What Do You Do?

What do you do,
When you've pushed too far,
When you no longer feel,
Like a star,
In the eyes of the one you love?

What do you do,
When you've made mistakes,
And you can't help feel,
Like a huge big fake,
In the eyes of the one you love?

You long to see,
The message in their eyes,
Telling you that,
They love, not despise,
That they love you ever still.

But when the hurt's too much,
The heart cries out,
It tells your lovers eyes,
Not to shout.
The feelings that were there once.

Displays of love,
And feelings of old,
The heart tells the eyes to say,
'Stay away,
You've hurt me way too much.'

And all that has passed,
Seems far away,
In the distance,
On this lonely day,
When one can only say,
I was loved, once.

by Aisha Sherazi

Comments (1)

I love the last stanza, Aisha... it wraps-up the poem brilliantly. Sad, but very well done! Brian