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What Do You Really Believe?
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What Do You Really Believe?

It is a natural fact of life that we human beings believe in
one thing or another – either tangible or intangible
The belief system of individual is sometimes determined by
parental heritage, place of birth, religion and societal values

We all grow up believing in many things our parents believe in
By the time we finish high school, our belief system transforms
The transformation occurs through our perception of the society
as influenced by our daily contact with classmates and neighbors
By the time we graduate from colleges and universities
Our belief system metamorphosed to a new level
through our interactions and relationships with the society

What do you really believe?
It is a known fact that many people believe in a Supreme Being
Different names are attributed to this Supreme Being
The name varies from one geographical location to another
The name also differs from one religion to another
To several people, the Supreme Being in known as God
To many mystics, the Supreme Being is called Universal Intelligence

What do you really believe?
Numerous people believe it is allright to eat all kinds of foods
While some believe it is wrong to eat animals and animal products
These people called vegans say that all animals are our friends
Therefore, nobody has the right to slaughter their friends for food

What do you really believe?
Almost everybody believe in the power of money
to solve all their problems and end their difficulties
Some say, even if money cannot make you happy
at least, money will give you peace of mind

What do you really believe?
It is true that what we believe influences our overall perception
Our belief system affects our approach to work ethics
Our belief system shapes our attitude to friends and neighbors
It is right time to search your conscience and ask yourself
What do I really believe?
Whatever may be your beliefs, please enjoy yourself
because you may never pass this road again.

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