What Do You Really Deserve?

Some people say that you deserve more so grab all that comes to you,
But eternally speaking, what do you deserve from God's point of view?

Man came from the dust of the ground and to the dust he will return,
Some will rise to Eternal Life, while many choose to eternally burn.

Man just portrays powers of good and evil, but does good always win?
If they're only powers, where does evil come from along with the sin?

And what are the wages of sin my friend, The Bible says it's death,
For all are destined once to die with judgment at their last breath.

You didn't will yourself here but by your mother you were conceived,
And those who raised you, in God they may or may not have believed.

As you grew on your own perhaps you were puffed up by what you heard,
But of life's real concerns, what from God do you think you deserve?

Since all have sinned and fallen short of the Glory of God my friend,
Shouldn't you stop the foolish thinking to consider your Eternal End?

All men that forget God will be turned into the Eternal Lake of Fire,
This is the cost of sin my friend, but not The Loving Lord's desire.

God wants none to perish but all to come to repentance in The Lord,
Friend, you will get what you deserve if God continues to be ignored.

For God sent His Son to die for the sin of all men from every nation,
So what will be your end when you continue to ignore His Salvation?

by Bob Gotti

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