OO (21/03/89 / Nigeria)

What Do You Say

what is love?
some say love is painful it helps you grow,
some people believe in falling in love some people don't,
some says its most people's fantasy and that it creeps up on you like a thief in the night, then you whole world keeps spinning around like the merry go round.
To me love is a wonderful feeling, that hapeens to everyone whether you want it or not, it comes naturally. love is a a very common but rare to find feeling, once you have it you never want to let it go, it hard to find but easy to loose, its like a rose in the mist of dandelions.
so when u get that feeling be careful not to take it fro granted, because when its gone, you might never get a chance to get it back again.
Everyone has a different opinion of love.
But to u wat is love and falling in love?

by Oyindamola Oduwole

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To me, Love is simply defined by what is Love is knowing you have one to hold and lean on at any time of the day. Love is an unquenchable fire
Love is a Chemical reaction, Dave nice poem