What Do You See In Her And Not In Me?

What do you see in Her and not in Me?
A Friendship with her, why not only with me?
To say only would imply that we already have,
I want, but shut-down, is what she offers better than me?
When asked to explain you ignore and blame me.
How should I be when you dodge everything?
I want to say how I feel, and I know you don't care,
But listen anyway because I need to reveal-
I feel curious, jealous, and hurt deep inside
What can I do to make these feelings subside?
Let me meet her, know her, understand how she is
maybe then I will see the same that you see.
I need only 1 minute to watch you with her,
I'll know then and there if its innocent or if it confirms how I feel.
Hopefully I'm just seeing things that don't really exist.
Just give me this chance to see for myself,
Prove to my head and to my heart the real honest truth.
You tell me you love me, you say that you care, but words are just words-
show me you care.
Open these locked doors between you and me,
Forget about her, communicate everything only with me.
if you want only me, then I'm already here.
Just tell me, honestly, what you want and what you expect out of me.
No lies, say what you mean, even if it might hurt me
But don't say that your sorry or say that you'll change
because if its not something you mean, do me a favor,
don't play anymore games with me!

by Kaitlin Garcia

Comments (3)

Lovely piece of Insecurity, seeking to mean ALL to another soul. It made me think about relationships and how each of them fulfill us in different ways. Thanks for sharing!
this is really good...i hope to see more of these poems from you...check out mine sometime 3moStar
i really like it! :)