AR (03/29/1989 / Texas)

What Do You See Inside These Eyes?

Open your eyes,
Take a look and see,
What this pain is growing inside of me,
The physical the mental,

The unconditional pain,
I can't see what I really have to gain,
This life experience is going to shit,
Why do I even try to resist? ,

The sharp blade laying lying,
I can see me slowly dying,
The pills the pills,
Oh how they are merry,

On this Christmas eve it might get scary,
To take a bite,
Is to take a life? ,
To take a slice,

It might be nice,
Still I will sit,
Alone and scared,
For when my time comes,

It will be bare,
There's no soul left the devil will say
Make haste!
It seems I have already said good day,

Is it really that much of a grand ole surprise?
I mean come on,
Have you looked in my eyes?

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