What Do You See When You Read Between The Lines?

The tie that binds

Guilt is the chain that now binds you to me,

Your dreams are not broken,

Just hard to see,

thru your pain & negativity

My last living desire, to see you happy,

smiling so beautifully,

Sparkling blue eyes, enjoying her life….

No matter where it may be.

To look upon the firiery passion inside you,

Sadly, extinguished by my ignorance & inability.

Maybe this time you will listen to your hearts desires.

Cast of the guilt you feel over me, by your side I will always be,

Helping you down whatever path you chose,

No matter where it leads.

One ticket to happiness please.

Weep not for me,

Always alone is what destined for the hardened heart in side of thee

From your words its clear to see, your desire

The love you long to receive, from someone…

Someone, even if its not me.

I don’t blame you, I don’t blame me.

I would want the same if i could receive

by Richard Kilburn

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