What Does It All Mean.......

What does it mean when we say 'hello',
How's you're day,
When we just smile and say,
'I missed you today.'

What about when we say 'i hate you',
stay away,
don't mess with me,
Today's just not how its supposed to be.

What about 'Goodbye',
When we leave those we love,
And fight back the tears,
trying not to cry.

And the simple little phrase,
That is used in many different ways.
The one that makes everyone smile,
The one that makes people think a while.
'I love you'
I love you mommy, before bed at night.
I love you daddy, after you get into a fight.
I love you baby, when you mean something more.
Those three little words so perfect,
They just leave us wanting to say even more.

by Monica Lynn Mason

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