What Does It Take?

What does it take?

I ask this question
Nearly every day

What does it take
To get you
To put your things away?

To pick up socks
From couch cushions
And books from where they lie...

To pick up clothes
On bathroom floor
And deliver them to place nearby...

To place books neatly
On their shelves
And not just throw them
To to the wolves...

To take snack dishes
To the sink
And rinse out glasses
From your drink...

To put toys
Where they're meant to be
God...I pray...
Spare sanity! ! !

What does it take? ?
This I ask...
It's really not
A horrid task! ! !

We've played the sorting games
And we've sung the tidying songs
I've labelled and I've sorted
Rights from wrongs

It's like pulling teeth
To get you
To put stuff away! !

What does it take?
It seems so strange...
Perhaps it's me
Who needs to change...

by Dee Daffodil

Comments (8)

Oh, Dee! You made me really laugh there. It doesn't stop with the kids, I have the same trouble with a 36 year old! Maybe it IS us who need to change! Great write my friend. Ez X
Dee, It will probably take the same cure as it took for you, (assuming that YOU are cured!) , I believe that they call it growing up / parenthood! also known as ' selective memory '! B.V.A.
Well my son Daniel's got em beat he really is so very neat. He plays with just one toy at a time and puts it back before he finds another joy. When I come home, if I am tired and leave my shoes next to the fire he looks and says to me 'put back' put back where he knows they ought to be. But here is the darndest thing he puts away all that he can find including what i think is mine. Now i never can find a thing and when I ask he just replies at two years old you really shouldn't be surprised.
I've decided that being happy is more important than tidy rooms, and staying out of my kids' rooms are the only way to go. A tidy room will neither guarantee success nor everlasting peace, having fun is so much better - though my husband says he has reached the lowest standard of living that he can stand. I sweep the room once - with my eyes - before looking for a good book to read. I refuse to sell my soul to the devil over kids' rooms; I have bigger fish to fry! Good poem; Kind regards, Margaret.
BRAVO......nice rant....Mine are 20 and 17 and like Bonnie said it will happen only when they move out....ones in college so I only have to put up with it a few months out of the year.....I feel your pain of going insane: O)
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