What Does It Take?

What does it take to follow our love,
What does it take to jump off that cliff

Sheer faith?
Sheer passion?
Sheer courage?

When are we ready.
Time, sand and footsteps. The passage of moments, each moment.

In that one moment we jump. We are changed forever.
It takes one moment to change a life.

Time, what does it take for the time to be?
We whirl in the possibilities of the universe
Each moment offering a different path.

How we choose is lost in the fog of consciousness.

Do we choose with our heart or with our fear.
Choose with fear and we deny our true spirit,
Choose with our heart and we follow our true path.

Will you ever come
Will you ever jump?

Will you ever have the courage to follow your own path
Will you ever come my love.

The cliff is high, the dropp is steep, the fear is great
But to stay on the edge is fear more than jumping.

Slowly you will die, slowly you will deny
your true self, you will bury your reactions, close your heart and loose your soul.

You will die one day anyway, so why not live a death?

What do you deserve?
What are you are you frightened of

Betrayal, pain, hurt,
you have made that already.

We all need to feel right, good,
I understand.
But we all need to be free too,

Unchained, unburdened and uncovered.

by susan cook

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