What Education Means To Me

(Written by the poet at age 11)

Education means to go to school, and not be a fool,
To respect the adults, like my parents taught.
Dropping out isn't nice, nor playing with those dice.
Taking dope ain't no relief, why don't you have any beliefs?
You can brighten up many days, if you go all the way.
I know it's hard to get a job, but try and willing is much better than stealing.
Pouting and shouting ain't no way, why don't you try another day?
When I get a job, I'm not going to be a slob; to lose my job.
When check time comes, that's when I get mine, I'm going to spend it right; before it vanish out of sight.
I would like to go to the store, and buy six buns instead of a gun; a gun which will mess up my life, and we all know that isn't right.
Going to jail without a bail, if you would have stayed in school, this couldn't have been true.
Stay in school and do your best, GOD will help you with the rest.

by Jacqueline Galloway

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