What Else!

What else can I do?
Than choosing my own way
To hibernate and go into oblivion,
And muse and mull over your sweetness?

What else can I say?
Than utter whispers of silence,
That make me half heard, half not,
And leave you guessing what's in my thought!

All that I can think of
Is love, nothing but love.
The thought of love overwhelms
And leaves much to be said in unspoken words.

12 November 2014
Copyright Reserved.

by Khairul Ahsan

Comments (4)

Great work! Thanks for sharing this poem with us. E.K.L.
Beautifully expressed with your unspoke words.
Very nice! Lovely! A joy to read its effortless flow.
Love your gifted poetry, Deep and wondrous like the sea.