( / Seneca Falls, N.Y. now in Genoa N.Y.)

What Ever Will Be

where do i go from here
like a shadow in the mist
i will try to share my life with you
when we stand threw it all
we had a ball
now you show me nothing at all
can i turn the hands of time
waiting to share everything that is mine
i wish i could say the words to unlock your heart
saying the words that needed to be said
kissing you with gentle lips
your soft gentle touch all i wishthe feelings
i have to share is like the river
never ending even in snow or drought
the river will still flow
as for our love it will soon grow
growing like a rose full of beauty
wich might stick you in the end
will our love ever end
or should i dream on what could have been
or what would be
then ask my self are you the one for me
where do we go from here

? ? ? ? ? ?

by Fredrick McDonald

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good one i like it