KB (march 20 1994 / Poland)

What Every Cut Means To Me

The first cut was just for fun
The second cut was just for the pain he caused
The third cut was just another excuse for my sorry life
The fourth cut was for my misunderstandment
The fifth cut just got deeper for every time I needed to take my mind off something
The sixth cut just started to become a puddle of blood for every sorrow in my heart
My seventh cut just means its become addicting and its like a drug
My eighth cut is for my sorry ass dad who never cares
My nineth cut is for every tear i shed
My tenth cut is just a sorry pool of blood thats drowning me with all my sad misery

This Is What Every Cut Means To Me! !

by Karolinka bobak

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this is really good but please stop cutting i started when i was 12 i am now 15 and still have not stopped i understand how it makes you feel better but plz its serious everyday of my life i wish i had never started i understand you pain i love your poem plz continue to write best of wishes