(March 19,1955 / Fayette, Alabama)

What Gender?

I mowed the grass
Then I washed my hair.
I cooked the breakfast
Drove the kids to the fair.
What Gender?

I went to the cleaners
I done the laundry too.
I even had to paint
Carried the kids to school.
What Gender?

I struggle so hard
Just to make ends meet.
I even get the goossip
I hear your lies of deceit.
What Gender?

Gender catagorizing my duties
Watch whats on your mind.
I would get a life
But I don't have time.
What Gender?

I mopped the floors
Then had my nails done.
I thought I could rest
But I had to run.
What gender?

I paid my bills
Got the groceries too
And after my dinner
Sleep was all I could do.
What Gender?

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