What God Can Do With Hearts...

We can find no other road except the one that leads to the church, that gives us a oneness that helps us to share alike and realize that all we have belongs to God who gaveth. Thereby enabling us to gladly surrender what we have to help build bridges over which those who come after us may pass over to Jesus Christ our Lord.
Youth can you shout to the world, saying, "I love thy church O God" Her walls before us stand, can we convince the slipping world that its salvation is in the church of the living God?
Wars will not change the situation, money cannot alter the conditions, prestige does not help. Youth can make a change, this church can alter the conditions, whether large or small. Sincere and pure holds the answer to the cry of the masses of all youth, also the people of God who are drifting away in the midstream, or are being carried swiftly by the turbulent waters of drugs, wars, and sin.
It is within the confines of the church that we find strength to meet the needs and demands of this day. Water to cool the ever present fevered brow of sin. It is here you, the youth of this church and community, learn the glory of brotherhood and sisterhood as one in Christ; the sanctity of the Fatherhood of the glory of God, which makes us all brothers and sisters. Here it is that we care and are able to unfold ourselves from the shell of selfishness to live for others.
Let us run the race that is before us with God as our goal. Praying to save, singing to win, preaching to bring to God those who have gone astray, leading to make leaders that will help us to help God in His program through this new era. With this in mind, let us keep the banner waving high above all and Christ's light shining within us to achieve our spiritual goals.
Let the youth go down on record as giving the first evidence of "Good Samaritanship". Let us bridge the waters of a yet distressed world, and bring ourselves face to face with the fact that our duty is not within ourselves or our families, but lies far ahead into a vast field of unguided thousands whose future destination is determined by what sacrifices we, as Christians, will make. A duty that calls for more than money can buy, or more than fame can offer, but something that will last through the eternal ages, that will give forth its essence into the souls of all God's people.

by John Clifton Gasque

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