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What God Can Make
JJ ( / US)

What God Can Make

What God Can Make.
I saw what God can make
of a human.
how flattened and despondent the best of intentions can lie
on the floor, stinking of vodka and reeling
at her own insurmountable inefficiency. Thick skin turned putrid and pale, bright eyes gone out. A veil of Nothing laughing at me from the crevices between her nose and jaws.
I saw how fast You can smash us, how quickly while we are dreaming,
You creep, tip-toed and squinty-eyed
into her bedroom and pour the clear liquid in
to take the life out.
I saw the way she could climb
from wells of the unspeakable to a chronic career of Being Independent
only to prostrate herself, transparent on the ageless tiles, the rancid taste of vomit seeping from her half-cocked smile.
You took her; fix her. And fix the tiny compartments she left in my heart,
filled with doubt and longing and rotting love
and the need for more, more, more.

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