CA (April 20 1991 / Pennsylvania sadly)

What God Does When You Kill Yourself

Drowning in the puddles
Of my blood stained tears
With a bullet in my head
And a ringing in my ears
I see a light
Shining in my eyes
Then I watch God
As He sits and cries
I ask Him what is wrong
He says 'You just killed yourself'
'And I was just getting ready'
'To give your life some help'
'But you wouldnt wait for me'
'You had to end the pain'
'You felt like you had nothing left'
'Nothing more to gain'
'But you had a lot to gain'
'A lot dont you see'
'You would have helped people'
'Turn their hearts over to me'
'You would have changed'
'So many lives'
Then God sat there
And I watched Him cry

I think to myself
Why didn't I wait
Look what I did
My life would have been great
Instead I took
What God would have said
Loaded it in a gun
And shot it through my head

I turned to God
As He sat and cried
I said to Him
I'm sorry I hide
If I could do it again
I'd wait as long as I should
Then He told me
If I believed, I could
But just then the Devil
Reached through the sky
Pulled me down
I would no second try
For that is what happens
When you take your life thats unwell
God cries for you
And you go to Hell

by Cheyenne Ashley

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