SP (9th December 1987 / London, England)

What God Said To Me

If you had wings,
Where would you fly?

If you had nine eyes,
Would you still cry?

If you had gills,
How deep would you swim?

If you were a master carpenter,
Would you build a gym?

If you had a green body,
Would you grow non- existent flowers?

If I wanted to,
Would I bestow you all my powers?

If you wanted to,
Would you erase all the world’s faults?

Or if you wanted to,
Would you disappear into bank vaults?

If you wanted to,
Would you cover the land in darkness or light?

If danger came,
If you wanted to would you fight?

Or would you send others,
To fight in your ‘sted.

And hear their screams,
As you hide your head.

No, there shall be no prize for your race,
Until you have proven your quality and worth.

Only then shall I grace you,
With your final given place on this Earth.

by Sam Price

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