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What Goes Around Comes Around As Some Do Say

What goes around comes around as some do say
And for my sins against others the price i must pay
Those who believe in Karma see life in this way
If human law does not get you Karma will one day
For years i have been living on the poverty line
And the only alcohol i can afford are cheap brands of beer and of wine
In my past life i must not have been a nice man
And my punishment for that in my present life span

Addicted to penning of reams of doggerel
Perhaps is my punishment in Earthly Hell
For wrongs in my past lifetime to others i have done
I was not re-born to be a chosen one
And now i do pay for some past lifetime crime
And the thing known as Karma does live on in time
What goes around come around ever so true
I receive from life what is only my due
And it is for many as it is for me
For past life crimes we must pay with that would you agree?

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