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What Goes Around Comes Around Does Only Seem True

That bad things at the hands of criminals are happening to good people every day Worldwide
In every Country is something that cannot be denied
Ruthless people bereft of compassion as ever not rare
The kind who derive pleasure in the suffering of others their victims relatives grief do not spare
Of their sort humanity is not or will never be in need
Without them the Human World would be safer and far better to live in indeed
Though some excuse can be found for the bad behavior of the criminally inclined
Far too many guns and knives in the possession of their kind
And sad to know that good people are dying every day
At the hands of criminals in the foulest way
Far too many people lacking in compassion and empathy
War crimes and ethnic cleansing a blight on humanity
But what goes around comes around does only seem true
Those who do bad things to others bad things in return becomes their due.

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