What Happened?

Can't sleep and it's late, on a cold windy night,
Still trying to think of something to write.
I'm telling myself try not to cry,
while my head filled with memories is asking me why?

The clock keeps on ticking, as I can't even breathe,
my hearts beating faster, at least that's how it seems.
I can't even do the things I normaly do,
I have to sit and watch everything turn to new.

People don't really know, and if they did who would care?
instead people look and try not to stare.
At that sad little girl who gets down on her knees,
looks up at the stars and prays to god, 'please'.

She weares that heartbreaking look, almost each and every day.
and when you truly look in her eyes, some just don't know what to say.
This girl is just so very lost,
and wishes time didn't have a cost.

You think to yourslef, this girl had a lot,
she shouldn't be letting her whole life rot.
Any chance she would get, she would go far away,
she knew with the screaming that she just couldn't stay.

In her heart things are torn because it always rains,
people never give her a chance and that brings her pain.
Her father changed for worse, and that makes her sad,
her mom fights with her, and that makes her mad.

Her heart had been crushed again, and again,
so now all she needs is a really good friend.
This very bright girl, you most-likely won't see,
although her reflection, looks a little like me.

by Abbey Rigney

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You are truly amazing but there are some spelling mistakes! !