AR (july 9,1994 / tx)

What Happened?

sittin, like the caged bird. awaiting for you to release me from my walless prison
the prison of my body...endangered by my own mind.

hanging, no clinging to the one starnd,
the sliver of hope that you would surprise me and instead of just saying you loved me, actually proving it.

i love you, without a shadow of a doubt, i do.
you're what i think of as the sun rises and sets
days just dont seem right without you're voice seeping its lovely way into my head; filling me withnothing but memories of the way we were

like the caged bird i sit and wait. singing songs of freedom and a slave awaiting a moments rest. rest from this endless pacing in my mind; wonderin...where did it all go wrong?

but unlike the caged bird, im done waitin. i now realize you were never the person i had once thought you to be. the kind, sweet, loving man is gone, and has been replaced with a cold cruel boy.

a boy, who, hurts me just for kicks. as if im a toy that can be desired, played with, tortured and then dismissed? where is the righteousness in that? what did i do that was so wrong to deserve this?

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