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What Happened.
CP ( / Shelfield.Staffs.England.)

What Happened.

Poem By Cecilia Parkin

What happened to the days of old
When one could walk abroad - so bold.
Wander at will through country fields,
Down peaceful lanes with leafy trees.
The calm of days so well enjoyed
Sight, smells and sounds of countryside.

Waving corn with golden sheen
Winding tracks and babbling streams,
Birdsong from both hedge and trees
Swallows skimming - hum of bees,
As they sup sweet nector - deep
From the flowers around the feet..

The baa of sheep, moo of cows
From the fields all around.
Treasures gathered from such walks
Giant kingcups on fat green stalks.
Stately bullrush from marshy pool
Sweet smelling bluebells in woodland cool.

Silken grasses, foxgloves, dogrose
Jostle for space among hedgerows.
Ladybirds and butterflies
Flutter beneath sun-kissed skies.
Summer, winter, autumn, spring
Each season it's own joys to bring.

To walk amidst all God had wrought
What healing to the soul it brought.

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Yes indeed, Cecilia, one should appreciate what God has provided for us, it's pretty wonderful. Sincerely Ernestine. PS I have written a poem, called 'The Call from On High' It's rather humourous, but you might like to try it for size, I think you might enjoy the story!