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What Happened In Paris

What happened in Paris
The city of love,
Were they all careless
Wasn't God watching them from above;
I heard that the city died
Then they prayed and they cried,
What happened in Paris,
The city of love.

Wickedness had arrived
With their religion and their faith,
Now not many survived
No love shown, but only hate;
Music it is for the dreamers
Then they became the screamers,
One thought still persists,
What happened in Paris.

Now there is only grief
No romance or amour,
Hatred came like a thief
Truly the Devil’s allure;
They arrived without a reason
Their religion a lie and at treason
To all the tears that still exists,
What happened in Paris.

The city of love
It became the city of terror,
What were the people thinking of
Who were evil’s bearer;
There were shots fired
Death was all that was desired,
Now the world is in an abyss
What happened in Paris,
The city of love.

Randy L. McCave

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