(15/07/56 / Curragh Camp, Co. Kildare, Eire.)

' ' ' ' ' What...Happened Next? (For Byran)

The world
arranged itself... just so.

Summer breezed in
with a belief in itself

that wasn’t to be

as the bright blue
of the croquet ball

was swallowed by the mouth
of an ever hungry hoop.

happy with themselves

crawled chuckling
through the grass

blade after laughing blade.

A sudden sun

awoke the dreaming

leaving the sleepy

swinging in
the empty stillness

singing softly to itself

as feet with shrieks
ran for cover

gathering the house around them
like armour

their pleased faces plastered
against the unwashed windows.

Raindrops falling
like a shower of arrows

at Agincourt.

Tea things
looking foolish

human mouths

human hands

to hold them
in place.

Dead belongings
(a clutch purse...a cloche hat)

lying scattered
upon the battleground

a forgotten book
forlorn & misbegotten

soaked to the skin

flicking through its own pages
as if it had

lost the plot

eager to find out what
... happened next?

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Comments (2)

this is truly amazing..great words and expressions outstanding write!
Another great narrative and full of rich metaphor - - a warm and lovely read - thank you Donall.....10 + + from Fay..