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What Happened Then
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What Happened Then

It was so long ago
My memories have faded
What happened then?
If I stand on my head
Will all my memories fall out?
I'll hold them close to me
That's all I have

I remember sitting in a bar
You were standing up there
singing something about 'my guitar'
There was hardly anyone
It was almost empty
What happened then?

I remember sitting on a couch
You were sitting next to me
We were writing poetry
Or I was trying to.
And later you gave one to me

That's all I have.
'Two would be poets'
Scratched in pencil
Faded on the paper
Twenty-six years later
What happened then?

I wanted you to be different
Or I wanted to be
Did you love me? I didn't know.
I wouldn't recognize it
Never learned about that
When I was growing up

I don't remember
What happened then?
All I have are memories
And they're fading fast
Just like me-Its just like me
To forget to say I love you
To forget to say 'I'm sorry'

What happened then?
You were standing next to me
We were singing together
In an apartment near Winchester
I don't remember
Did you kiss me?

What happened then?
We wrote a song
Something about 'turning on
A dime into a martyr'
The next thing you wrote was
'I'm getting married-
Don't write me anymore'

I forgot to say I loved you
I forgot to say 'I'm sorry'
I can't remember
What happened then.

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I thought this was utterly beautiful and very clever.