What Happened To The Magic? {parts May Be Explicit For Young Readers}

Once with us there was a spark
And o my goodness, the things we did in the dark
We couldn't keep our hands off eachother
And now, its like you want another
You say it ain't so
And that you never want me to go
But what happened to our magic?
Now the things you do to me are simply tragic
You always say your gonna call
but later as I cry, to the ground I will fall
For you never do call
You tell you love me
And yet all I see is the opposite baby
So do I think you love me? Maybe
but most times I just ain't sure
Tell me baby, what is the cure?
To have you bring back that magic we once had
beause all feel lately is being sad
I am getting tired of your lies
saying your just gonna go hang out with some of the guys
What a loada B*******
You think I can see
what in heavens name you are doin to me
you told me I was the only one
and that I was your hunny bun
But baby, all that was a lie
And now that I know that its time to say good bye
So what happened to the magic?
It never disappeared
For I am still in your act
And you know thats a fact
But I'm not your 'Wounderful Assistant' no more
because baby, thats a job for a flipin w****
So see ya babe
or maybe I won't
If you wondering 'should I ask her to come back', don't
I won't come back
You lost me for good this time jack

by BlackXWhiteFeathers Raven Mendez

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