A Crush...

Swept away from the reality,
Looking for the unspoken pleasure,
Gratifying my desires,

I come across him…
Those eyes threatening my soul,
In his absence, I speak of intimacy,

Waiting now seems more intriguing,
Yet, patience couldn’t be practiced,
A contradiction that can never satisfy many,
A dangerous one, indeed,
My unpredictability answers it,

His demeanor makes my cupidity to arise,
The smiles of his, the glances I stole from him,
Let me, let me imprison them in my heart,
Obsessed by his bearings,
A simple word of his means the world,
The solidity in me over claimed by questionability,

I have not made my way on a flight of fancy,
He isn’t an exaggeration, he is the whispers,
I hear them too often, as my heart beats each time,

I venture through my eagerness,
I lay out all the odds…
Just to see him frown a little,

He entices me, ever tempting me,
To end the barriers and reach for him,

A crush isn’t hereby to remain,
Will he or will he not stay?
My short-lived infatuation….

by Poornima Kanasen

Comments (5)

Smashing poem Sandra, why do people have to react to labels in such an empty manner? Thanks for sharing.
Very well written. As usual you prove why I chose you as my writing partner. As herbert says. We bring out the best in each other.10+ Hugs Jan
your friends should be there no matter what, gay or not Warm regards allan
That really made me laugh Herbert! ! Chiffon-Shakespeare, that made my day!
This is vintage Chiffon-Shakespeare! Excellent, perfect ending. Wow. H