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What Happens To The Soul

Many people believe there's a life hereafter that all good souls go to heaven when they die
To live with god and his angels forever in their World of love and joy beyond the sky
And all bad souls are condemned to live with satan for to suffer with the damned and of hell never be free
But since I've never spoken to a dead person the after life
a mystery to me.

But if in reality there is a hell and heaven then hell must be an over crowded place
So many evil people on this Planet and only evil causes they
For war and hate and so called ethnic cleansing around the World still prevalent today
And a few grow wealthier whilst many grow poorer and human society is in decay.

Why would I even know of a life hereafter and what happens to their souls when people die
I've often wondered will my soul die with me or into another body will my spirit fly?
So many more have pondered the same question people who are more enlightened than I
And what happens to the soul remains a mystery though to solve it people will forever try.

And if there really is a hell and heaven as religious zealots unreservedly assume
Then hell it must be very over crowded though satan for his disciples will find room
But what happens to the soul remains a mystery a mystery way beyond us to explain
Any dead person has not returned to tell us so as a mystery forever 'twill remain.

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