Antipodean Heads

I wish we could be nicer
like the Americans

instead we are caught
halfway between

a European sense of style
you can always be at home in

& the Aborigines’ knack
of passing the time—they know

that nothing matters too much
between now & forever, unlike

the industrious American
who looks around & sees

that Fate applies her chisel
to his own particular face

so when he stares back at Her
he’s warm & essential

not reaching for a quip or a flagon
because he knows these things
are part of what he is

the way a mountain
is carved with the heads
of his Presidents

& we are left to wonder
what shape another 200 years

will leave Ayers Rock in.

by John Forbes

Comments (2)

...The generals are putting on civvies and looking like bank clerks... What a wonderful poem!
What has happened? The workers have realised they are being exploited They have read their Karl Marx and decided he is right. A revolution has been staged in their name. The Tsar and his cronies have been overthrown. Citizens are calling one another ‘comrade’, Treating one another with dignity and respect As described by Brecht in this poem. .All is set –why don’t the workers now govern? First Lenin, then Stalin procrastinated Saying the workers were not ready to assume power. They must first be educated. In the meantime There will be a ‘dictatorship of the proletariat, ’ Meaning first Lenin, then Stalin will rule. All power corrupts. Stalin has joined the thousands he killed. The workers are still unready. The dictatorship continues.