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What Have I Become

O my lord what have I become
I am standing here with a smoking gun

We are well trained, the best they say
Fighting for our country is more than just pay

How will my people remember me?
With death and destruction they can see.

I know this will be shown back at home
How we fought and died our bodies torn

So many people lying on the ground
Now they are still without a sound

As I load my gun I see
The crowds of people coming at me

I see the hate and rage in every face
I am taking aim at deadly pace.

There was no reason for these people to die
As the bullets hit I hear them cry

Posted to this far off land
Now with my gun I must stand

Democracy and freedom we will enforce
With guns and soldiers the dictator, deposed

We came to give peace to this troubled land
But peace has a price that goes hand in hand

The highest price of all
To sacrifice our lives to achieve the goal

Why do they fight us when we are there for them?
Do they want the dictator back again?

A bullet hits! I don’t know from were
Through my shoulder I feel it tear

The medics pull me out through screams of pain
But I am the lucky one I will see my home again

Will my country say a job well done?
I am standing hear with a smoking gun

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